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Halloween Decorations

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3D Enter At Your Own Risk Sign 41cm x 21cm

Cover yourself legally when you host a Halloween party with this straightforward sign.

Bat Shimmer Garland 3m

Decorate your party with this shimmering bat garland.

Bats & Pumpkins Centrepiece 38cm

Table Centrepiece with shiny coloured foil bats & pumpkins

Bats and Pumpkins Confetti

Spooky Sprinkles! Bats & Pumpkins Halloween Mix Confetti 14g

Black & Bone Cut Out 38cm x 25cm

Black & Bone Skeleton Cut Out 38cm

Black & Bone Decorating Kit

Super colourful Day of the Dead decorating kit, includes 1 plastic banner 113cm x 40.6cm, 2 plastic sheets 149.8cm x 82.5cm, 2 plastic sheets 40.6cm x 26cm

Black & Bone Lace Door Curtain 1.65m

Black & Bone Lace Door Curtain 1.65m x 91.4cm

Black & Bone Lenticular Sign 46cm x 30cm

Black & Bone Lenticular Sign 46cm x 30cm

Boneyard Door Banner

Boneyard Door Banner 24cm x 64cm, Enter if you dare hessian printed banner, mix and match with our boneyard & glitter decorations

Boneyard Garden Sticks

Boneyard Garden Decorations contains 1 Skull - 27cm x 13cm, 1 Torso - 49cm x 30cm, 2 Hands - 28cm x 8cm 2 Signs - 25cm x 30cm. 6 in total

Day of the Dead Skeleton Garland 29cmx3.65m

Day of the Dead Skeleton Garland Deck your halls with this vibrant 3m Day of the Dead Skeleton Garland. As seen on Eastenders 3.65m x 29cm

Day of the Dead Skull Garland

Our Black & White Sugar Skull Garlands is a fab addition to your party decor! Display this extra-long jumbo banner across a party room or over the entryway at a Halloween or Day of the Dead party. Black & White Sugar Skull Garland measures 3.65m long 10 cut-outs attached, each 27cm x 20cm

Day of the Dead Streamer 1.3m x 23cm

Printed both sides Give your party a Day of the Dead” theme with the help of this streamer.

Giant White Spider Web with 8 Spiders

Horrid Halloween decor! Wickedly White Artificial Spiders Web. Use indoors or outdoors, this super web stretches over 30ft with 8 horrible spiders included!

Glitter Spider Hanging Decoration 35cm

Glitter Spider Hanging Decoration 35cm, Honeycomb spider with light catching glittery legs and string for hanging

Halloween CD

Complete your Halloween experience with this fun filled party CD, let Count Dracula and his friends take you on a spooky adventure packed with music, games, stories & much, much more

Halloween Creepy Cloth

Get that haunted house look with a Halloween Creepy Cloth, drape over windows or banisters. 1.83m x 71cm

Halloween LED Lights

Halloween LED Light String 70cm, assorted designs, pumpkins, spiders, bats. 8 Ultra bright LED's, indoor use only, 2xAA batteries required, not included, clear flex

Halloween Paper Decorating Kit

Halloween Paper Decorating Kit includes 1 garland 3.6m, 2 Honeycomb ball decorations 24cm, 2 paper fans 30cm, 2 paper fans 20cm & 2 hanging decorations 90cm

Happy Halloween Banner 1.52m x 53cm

Happy Halloween All Weather Banner 1.52m x 53cm

Happy Halloween Banner 1.8m x 25cm

Cobwebs Happy Halloween Banner 1.8m x 25cm, with hanging purple spiders

Happy Halloween Fringe Banner 20cm x 2.4m

Orange free flowing fringe banner with Silver Glitter Happy Halloween message. Measures 2.4m x 20cm

Haunted House Graveyard Decoration Kit

Dead End Cemetery Wall Decoration Kit includes: Banner 1.1mt x 40cm, 2 add ons 1.5mt x 82.5cm, 2 Cut outs 40cm x 26cm

Haunted House Stairway Door Dec

Haunted House Stairway Door Decoration measures 1.65m x 85cm

Haunted House Wall Decor Kit 3.2m

Haunted House Wall Decor Kit 3.2m x 2.3m, Includes 5 pieces to make this house of horrors!

Inflatable Halloween Arch 2.7m

Create a spooktacular party entrance with an Inflatable Halloween Arch. Measures 2.7m. Ghost not included

Jack O Lantern Wall Peel n Place 30cm x 60cm

They say walls have ears & but they could also have this adornment too.

Jack-O-Lantern Backdrop 1.2m x 9.1m

Halloween party scene setters! 9m x 1.2m playful pumpkin backdrop perfect for children's Halloween parties

Jack-O-Lantern Column 1.7m x 30cm

Pumpkin Column 30cm x 1.7m (5.5ft) 6 individual sections creates 1 column Requires assembly

Jointed Haunted Hearse 1.8m

A cursed hearse is just what's required to help you on your journey to the terrifying place below.

Jointed Plastic Glow in the Dark Skeleton 1.5m

Plastic 1.5m Even if you turn the lights out, there’ll be no hiding from this glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

Jointed Skeleton 1.8m

With thiscard skeleton you can learn all about the human anatomy & unless you're too scared!

Light Up Hanging Tree Man 1.2m

Light Up Hanging Tree Man measures 1.2m. Batteries included

Light Up Skeleton with Shroud 1.2m

Fiendish fun for parties, this ghastly guest has posable arms, shredded shroud and light up eyes! Light Up Skeleton measures 1.2m & batteries are included too!

Metallic Fringed Halloween Banner 2.7m

Orange metallic Happy Halloween Fringed Banner, with silver glitter Happy Halloween message, measures 2.1m

Moving Hanging Skeleton Light & Sound 1m

No matter how many times you hang this skeleton, it will always live and prove it to you by moving. This skeleton not only moves for you, it has lights and sound to! We've included batteries so the halloween fun can start as soon as you receive your skeleton!

Pack of 10 Day of the Dead Mini Cut Outs 12cm

Pack of 10 Day of the Dead Mini Cut Outs 12cm, Mini colourful cut outs to dot around your party venue

Pack of 15 Latex Balloons 25cm - Halloween

Pack of 15 Halloween Beastly Balloons, with pumpkin, witch, cobweb & skeleton print. 23cm

Pack of 2 Candelabra Centrepieces 35cm x 19cm

Use this pack of 2 Candelabras to create a spooky Gothic table setting, with skull detail & Gothic ornate design 35cm x 19cm Pack of 2

Pack of 2 Jointed Paper Skeletons 56cm

Jointed Paper Skeletons Pack of 2 56cm

Pack of 2 Jumbo Pumpkin Patch Cut Outs 61cm

Jumbo Pumpkin Patch Cut Outs Pack of 2 61cm

Pack of 2 Theme Posters - Halloween

Set the party agenda with some Halloween signage, 2 blank Halloween Theme Posters

Pack of 3 Bat Swirls 76cm

Pack of 3 Bat Swirls Decorations 76cm. The sonar you buy this the better, because it will help create a batty atmosphere.

Pack of 3 Crepe Rolls 73m - Orange/Black

Crepe Rolls Black & Orange 3 rolls 1x black 2x orange

Pack of 3 Paper Jack-O-Lanterns 24cm

Black & Bone Assorted Paper Lanterns Pack of 6 19cm, 29.8cm & 24.7cm

Pack of 3 Plastic Glitter Pumpkins 5cm

Pack of 3 Assorted Mini Glitter Pumpkins in Halloween brights & black and white. Measures 5cm

Pack of 4 Halloween Street Sign Cut Outs 10cm x 61cm

Halloween Street Signs 10cm x 61cm Pack of 4

Pack of 4 Scary Jack-O-Lantern Cut Outs 35cm

Scary Jack-O-Lantern Cut Outs Printed both sides 35cm Pack of 4

Pack of 4 Tombstone Cut Outs 38cm x 28cm

don't lose your head…stone with these tombstone cut-outs.

Pack of 5 Day of the Dead Swirls 1m

Pack of 5 Day of the Dead Swirls 1m . Have fun with these vibrant multi colour foil swirls that hang and rotate, with sugar skulls on the ends.

Pack of 6 Bat String Decorations 2.1m

Our shiny light catching Bat String Decorations measure 2.1m, use to create a spooky entrance at your do or also look great with our spooky sky backdrop

Pack of 6 Latex Balloons - Fright Night

Pack of 6 Fright Night Latex Balloons 28cm

Pack of 6 Latex Balloons - Happy Halloween

Pack of 6 Happy Halloween Latex Balloons measure 28cm, helium quality balloons in green, purple & black

Pack of 6 Latex Balloons - Witches/Cats

Includes 3 orange & 3 black with Witches & Cats on both

Pack of 6 Orange Swirls with Black Bat 60cm to 91cm

4 x 60cm swirls 2 x 91cm swirls

Pack of 6 Pumpkin Window Decorations 19cm

Pack of 6 Pumpkin Window Decorations, 19cm Jolly Pumpkins, fix to windows with easy peel stickers

Pack of 6 Swirls 60cm-91cm - Black

Pack of 6 Black Swirl decorations, 4 x 60cm, 2 x 91cm, also available in orange

Pk 6 Gold Beetles

Pack of 6 Gold Beetles measure 5cm

Pumpkin & Spider Cascade 61cm

Pumpkins and spiders combine in this cascade of Halloween décor.

Pumpkin Hanging Swirl Decorations

Hanging Pumpkin Swirls 60.9cm Pack of 12


PVC Spider Chandelier 91cm x 63cm

Spooky Halloween decor, our PVC Spider Chandelier measures 91cm x 63cm, suspend from the ceiling at your haunted house party!

Shaking Grim Reaper with Chain 90cm

Peeks Party Halloween Props! Shaking Grim Reaper with Chain measures 90cm. With sound, movement & jazz hands. Looks at home with the Field of Screams Backdrop. Batteries included too

Skeleton Jointed Cutout 1.4m

Jointed Skeleton Cut Out 1.4m

Skull and Cross Bones

Give It'some glitter with our Halloween Skull & Crossbones Decorations. Measure 29cm in assorted colours

Spiders Web with Spider

It's creepy, It's eerie, It's the same quality they use in the movies! Drape this Creepy Halloween Spiders Web at your Halloween party, spider included

Spiderweb Multicoloured Pack

Our Multicolour Stretch Spider Webs make any home haunted-house chic! Weave a purple, orange or green spider web around furniture, doors and plants for a bright, creepy touch. These synthetic fibre spider webs are reusable and easy to set up simply uncoil and stretch! Multicolour Stretch Spider Webs include: 3 Multicolour Stretch Spider Webs 30g of each colour

Spooky Cloth 3.65m x 76cm

Spooky Cloth 3.65m x 76cm, Try draping this Spooky Cloth over windows or tables for a distressed look

Stand Up - Skeleton 1.85m

Stand Up Skeleton 1.85m This collection of bones is so scary it would send a chiropractor running. Install the skeleton and see who else flees.

Tissue Ball 30cm - Black/Orange

Have a ball at your Halloween party with this black and orange tissue decoration.

Tissue Fan 63cm - Black/Orange

Liven up your Halloween party with this black and orange tissue design.

Tissue Hanging Ghost 58cm x 42cm

Tissue Hanging Ghost 58cm

Tomb Stone with Moss

Single Tombstone with Moss measures 56cm, assorted designs

Vertical Halloween Banner 1.5m (Printed 1 Side)

Vertical Happy Halloween Banner 1.5m, with pumpkins, bats & cobweb design

Vertical Halloween Cut Out 60cm (Printed 1 Side)

Display the purpose of your party with this Halloween cut-out

Walking Ghost (Sound & Blinking Eyes) 1.5m

This Walking Ghost 1.5m has cackling sound & blinking eyes. Moves around the floor when activated by sound. 1.5m tall, requires 4AA batteries, not included. Check out our video tab!
£36.50 £16.74

Walking Witch (Sound & Blinking Eyes) 1.5m

This Walking Witch has sound & blinking eyes. Moves around the floor when activated by sound. 1.5m tall, requires 4AA batteries, not included. Walking skeleton ghost available too

Artificial Cobweb & 4 Spiders 60g

Horrid Halloween Decor! Giant, Wickedly White Superweb with 4 spiders included! Over 13ft long, super stretchy, enough web for an entire room. Great for indoor and outdoor decorating this Halloween

Bloody Carpet Runner

Floor gore Bloody Carpet Runner measures 4.50m x 60cm

Bloody Door Cover 1.52m x 76cm

Beware! Bloody Door Cover 1.52m x 76cm, mix and match with our Horror Party range!

Bloody Footprints

Footprints Floor Gore, sheet of footprints measures 61cm x 22cm



Bloody Handprint Window Cling Sheet 30cm x 43cm

Bloody Handprint Window Clings, sheet size 43cm x 30cm. Create a horrific scene on your windows with these gruesome clings

Bloody Tool Garland 2m

Shiny blood splattered tools garland, looks fab on the fireplace

Bloody Wall Backdrop 1.2m x 9.1m


Body Silhouette 1.52m x 76cm

Create your own crime scene with a Body Silhouette. For indoor or outdoor use, measures 1.52m x 76cm



Crawling Zombie 1m

Peeks Party Halloween Props! Creepy Crawling Zombie measures 1m. This zany Zombie has real crawling action! Sound activated, light up eyes & screaming sound. Perfect for parties. Batteries not included, requires 3 x AA's

Creepy Carnival Clown Face Cut Out 38cm x 33cm

Creepy Carnival Clown Face Cut Out 38cm

Creepy Carnival Scene Setter Kit 1.65m x 82cm

Creepy Carnival Scene Setter includes 2 plastic wall sheets 1.65m x 82cm with 30 add on props

Crepe Roll 24.6m - Black

Black Crepe Roll 81ft /24.6m x 4.5cm

Crepe Roll 24.6m - Orange

Orange Crepe Roll 81ft /24.6m x 4.5cm

Crime Scene Decoration kit

Get into the spirit of things with a Crime Scene Decoration kit, includes 5 Numbered Tent Cards, 1 Blood Spatter Gel Cling, 15m Caution Tape, 1 Piece of Chalk

Day of the Dead Centrepiece

Our Day of the Dead Centrepiece is great for Dia de los Muertos celebrations! Featuring decorated sugar skulls and red roses. Simply attach the black foil spray centrepiece to its clear plastic base and place on your table for your guests to enjoy. Measures: 35cm tall with 7cm cut-outs


Create the perfect party entrance with our cloth Banner. Features shredded fabric & the words Enter IF YOU DARE in blood red paint. It’s creepy enough to send chills down anyone’s spine! Measures: 1.8m x 3.8m

Field of Screams Banner 1.65m x 85cm

Set the scene with a frightening field of possessed pumpkins