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Pub Quiz: Wise Owl Edition

This brilliant DVD game, based upon the family pub challenge, comes jam-packed with general knowledge questions, photos & puzzles to tax and tease your mind!

Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong is a much loved drinking game, played by students and party lovers in countless countries across the world. Easy to play, this set ensures you've got everything you need to get going, with the extra fun of double portions.
To play, simply set up 6 cups at each side of the table and fill with your choice of beer, lager or cider. Players then take turns to throw their ping pong ball into their opponents cup. If a player succeeds in landing in one of their opponents cups, the opponent must drink whatever is in the cup before continuing. Empty cups are then removed from the game. The winner is the first person to clear their opponents cups away.
Giant Beer Pong is a fun drinking game from Gentlemen's Club. The game is intended to be played by adults aged 18 and over. Please enjoy responsibly.

Hook A Duck Game

A super popular game at Summer fairs & fundraising events. Plenty of fun for little ones, hook the little duckies to win a prize. This super set includes a 91cm diameter inflatable pond - use with or without water, 12 large yellow ducks with rings fitted plus 6 Fishing Rods and instruction leaflet Hook 2 Ducks from the Pond - Correct total score wins a Prize! Set includes: 91cm diameter inflatable pond - use with or without water 12 large yellow ducks with rings fitted 6 Fishing Rods Instruction Leaflet


No one needs an excuse for prosecco but here’s one anyway! Pongsecco is the twist on the classic beer game but with more bubbles. Perfect for any classy occasion, just fill up your glasses and let the good times roll.


Everyone loves a quiz so invite your friends around for a Quiz 101 night! This box includes 101 festive questions so get together in teams and battle to find out who is the ultimate quiz master.


Everyone loves a quiz so invite your friends round for a Quiz 101 night! These boxes include 101 trivia questions from various categories, so get together in teams to battle out who is the ultimate quiz master!

Regulation Size Dart Mat

Regulation size hardwearing mat.

Rope Quoits Game

Our Quoits Game is a throwing game of skill and accuracy, good fun for all ages. Throw the quoits on to the pegs to score as many points as possible, the highest score wins a prize. Throw the quoits on to the pegs to score as many points as possible, highest score wins a prize. The further away you throw - the harder the game. Set includes 5 hardwood pegs, base and 5 rope quoits.

Skittle Set 23cm

Beautifully polished, high quality hard wood skittles. Test your accuracy to the limit and try to knock all the pins down in one attempt. The Skittles set contains 9 x 23cms (9inch) skittles, 3 x 8cms (3.25 inch) regulation balls, instructions and rules, and is packed in a smart zip fastening handy canvas bag.

Stand Up Bingo

Run as a Game or Use it to Raise Funds for Charity! Sell in advance Bingo tickets (£1 - £5) appoint captains to do this for you. All players stand up - Bingo numbers are called out and players sit down if their number called appears on their ticket. Last one standing WINS! In case of tie-break, remove last number and play again Bingo for Fundraisers! The basic idea is: * Each player has a ticket or card with numbers - all numbers are different * The numbers are randomly drawn one at a time and called out by the Bingo caller * Each player tries to match all the numbers in a line across the ticket * Players mark off the numbers on their ticket or card * As soon as a player matches the winning numbers, they shout ""BINGO"" The Numbers: 1. Peeks! 2. One Little Duck 3. Cup of Tea 4. Knock at the Door 5. Man Alive 6. Tom Mix 7. Lucky Seven 8. Garden Gate 9. Doctor's Orders 10. Gordon's Den 11. Legs Eleven 12. One Dozen 13. Unlucky for Some 14. Valentine's Day 15. Young and Keen 16. Sweet Sixteen 17. Dancing Queen 18. Coming of Age 19. Good-bye Teens 20. One Score 21. Key of the Door 22. Two Little Ducks 23. Thee and Me 24. Two Dozen 25. Duck and Dive 26. Pick and Mix 27. Gateway to Heaven 28. Over-Weight 29. Rise and Shine 30. Dirty Gertie 31. Get Up and Run 32. Buckle My Shoe 33. Dirty Knee 34. Ask for More 35. Jump and Jive 36. Three Dozen 37. More than Eleven 38. Christmas Cake 39. Steps 40. Naughty Forty 41. Time for Fun 42. Winnie The Pooh 43. Down on your Knee's 44. Droopy Drawers 45. Halfway There 46. Up to Tricks 47. Four and Seven 48. Four Dozen 49. PC 50. Half a Century 51. Tweak of the Thumb 52. Danny la Rue 53. Stuck in the Tree 54. Clean the Floor 55. Snakes Alive 56. Was She Worth It 57. Heinz Varieties 58. Make Them Wait 59. Brighton Line 60. Five Dozen 61. Baker's Bun 62. Turn on the Screw 63. Tickle Me 63 64. Red Raw 65. Old Age Pension 66. Clickety-Click 67. Made in Heaven 68. Saving Grace 69. Either Way Up 70. Three Score and Ten 71. Bang on the Drum 72. Six Dozen 73. Queen B 74. Candy Store 75. Strive and Strive 76. Trombones 77. Sunset Strip 78. Heaven's Gate 79. One More Time 80. Eight and Blank 81. Stop and Run 82. Straight on Through 83. Time for Tea 84. Seven Dozen 85. Staying Alive 86. Between the Sticks 87. Torquay in Devon 88. Two Fat Ladies 89. Nearly There 90. Top of the Shop


Film & TV Top Trivia Quiz Cards. From adverts to X Factor, Bond to The Wizard of Oz, instant trivia challenge for TV & film fans. With 1,000 trivia questions crammed in per deck! perfect for movie & quiz nights


Large-format trivia quiz cards! Great games in themselves, they can also be used as top-up packs for other trivia competitions. With 1,000 questions crammed in per deck!


Music Top Trivia Quiz Cards. This pack comes crammed with fun filled facts from the world of rock & pop! With 1,000 trivia questions crammed in per deck! perfect for quiz nights & music events


Sport Top Trivia Quiz Cards. Dedicated Season ticket fan, or informed armchair pundit, you think you know your sport? This pack comes crammed with fun filled facts from the world of sport! With 1,000 trivia questions crammed in per deck! perfect for sports events & quiz nights

Trivial Pursuit Coasters

Put your mind to the test with Trivial Pursuit Coasters – a set of fun quiz coasters to bamboozle and befuddle whilst keeping your tables and other surfaces coffee ring free! A set of 20 drinks coasters, each coaster has 6 Trivial Pursuit questions – one of each classic Trivial Pursuit category used in the timeless quiz game. The pack in total features 120 testing questions for you to ponder while enjoying a good cuppa. The answers can be found on the reverse side of each coaster. The perfect gift for quiz lovers and puzzlers, Trivial Pursuit Coasters are ideal for around the house or the work place, and are a fun way to relax and idle away the time when having a brew

Pack of 24 Winners Medals with Ribbons

Winners Medals on Ribbon available in singles or packs of 24

Box of 72 Design Studio Packs - 4 Assorted

Assorted Super Car, Fashion Icon, Unicorn, Super Hero